NUART 2002, Stavanger, Norway.

We were very pleased to be invited over to Norway, by our good friend and top curator Endre Aalrust to take part in the NUART exhibition in Stavanger. NUART runs in conjunction with NUMUSIC, Norway's premier electronic music festival. Spanning four days, the exhibition and festival consisted of a host of international artists and performers over a variety of venues around the city ranging from a disused brewery to the underground carpark of a hotel.

Tou Scene pictured above was the old brewery and location of the NUART exhibition. Organised by Lucky Bar, a series of curators were asked to invite a number of artists to show there. The show organised by Endre Aalrust consisted of the Space Hijackers, Dag Nordbrenden a photograper and Anna Gudmundsdottir a painter.

We set up a Space Hijackers information and recruitment centre, showing the what we get up to and testing out Norwegian recruits.

Anna had made a massive wall painting covering an area at least twice the size depicted above,

and Dag showed a series of his photographs dealing with transformation through time.

Other artists in the shows included Dianna Schpungin & Nicole Engelmann a New York based collaborative pair and Joachim Cossais a resident Norwegian. There was a cinema screening films by a variety of artists and a book was published with a variety of essays and stories in Norwegian and English.

Apart from the show there was of course the music festival, a lot of people to get to know and a lot of very expensive norwegian beer to be drinking. Keeping up the Space Hijackers reputation agents Nodding and Priestley drank like fish and only to wake up most nights fully clothed and not knowing how we got home. Home incidentally was a very plush hotel put on for all of the artists by the angels at Lucky Bar.