The Second International
Space Hijackers Convention
LONDON - 17th Oct 2004

Following on from a successful convention in Paris in 2003 the Space Hijackers travelled from all over the globe to convene once again.

Meeting up on the balcony of the Royal Festival Hall around 20 - 30 agents travelled to the convention, the furthest being agent Mickey Quick who travelled from the land of Oz. Delegates from all over England had travelled down alongside the London Hijackers who called the convention.

Sitting in a Hijacked venue with a view of all of London behind us we had one of our most intellectual meetings yet. Plans were hatched, friendships made and naughtiness instigated.

However being the Space Hijackers we realised we had a reputation for hard drinking to upkeep and so once the meeting had finished it was onto the nearest pub for banter and more plotting.

Come closing time numbers had started to dwindle to the innebriated few and so the services of a late night bar were required, and duly found.

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