This year’s event was our biggest yet, to some extent it’s success, to some extent it’s downfall. We realised that numbers were going to be larger, and the plan was to spread down the line, and even ourselves out between the numerous clockwise trains. The party was due to start from Liverpool St at 8pm, partygoers had been accumulating in the main concourse before heading down to the platform just before the train. Several cunning types had boarded the train earlier to set things up and prepare.

The way the party works is that whilst we are in a station everyone is quiet, and then once in a tunnel we turn into a monster disco before sharply turning back once arriving at the next stop.

The train pulled into Liverpool St and we realised this was going to be a much bigger beast than ever before. Hundreds of people boarded the already very warm train, and plenty more were left on the platform waiting for the next. We pulled into the tunnel and the sound systems opened up with a range of disco and underground themed tunes, unfortunately due to the sheer size of the party however these did not reach very far. The lack in music however was more than made up for in enthusiasm of the partygoers.

After a few stops it became clear that the first train needed to empty out more, and gradually people, bands and sound systems were filtering off the trains and onto the platforms to wait for the next one. Unfortunately this was not done quickly enough and British Transport Police soon rumbled us. More and more people disembarked the train when we reached Victoria, but it was still a big heaving mass of partying commuters.

If you think they are here by mistake, then why haven't you given them a beer yet?

The police eventually stopped the train as it reached Sloane Square, where it seems their original plan was to split the party up and let things continue. This would have been a perfect and very sensible decision. People were ushered off the train as several partygoers cleaned up any rubbish. Unfortunately it seems at some point, someone higher up decided that the fun must end. The now empty train was sent on its way to stop holding up the line, but everyone was held on the platform and not allowed back on a train. One passenger was arrested, for accidentally bumping into a policeman and charged with all number of pumped up accusations (any witnesses please get in touch). The next train and several others were driven straight past a platform of people who had been promised they would be allowed back on. BTP now decided they wanted everyone off the platform and outside. The crowd was still a happy affair and so an impromptu street party then set up in Sloane Square itself.