Ten Space Hijackers agents took up the mantle of trying to show the arms dealers a kinkier and more fulfilling side of life, two rather eager agents had planned well in advance and managed to secure (through all manner of devious means) a pair of passes to the arms fair itself! The rest of our team were more eager to get hands on with our equipment on the trains.

Agents at Space Hijackers HQ

Agents Bristly and Greenman paid a visit to an east end sex toy wholesaler and we turned up back at HQ with a variety of vibrators, strap-on dong's, squishy boobs, glow in the dark toys, wind up dolls and more. A meeting was called the night before to plan our mission and double entendre's, then we met up on the morning of the action for a hearty breakfast and a final play with our toys.

Greenman gives us a nipple flash whilst the Vacuum Cleaner plays with his lethal weapon!

We're arms dealers, honest!

Would you like to feel my boob?

Stuffing our pockets with all manner of dodgy toys, we set out onto the trains to enlighten some of the naughtiest boys on the planet.


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