1st International Space Hijackers Paris Convention

An email had been sent out to all of our agents inviting them to join us in Paris for our first international convention, a chance to meet up, drink together and celebrate our international alliance! We received word from a number of agents that they would be able to make it to Paris for the meet up, and Marie, a resident Parisian Space Hijacker found a bar for us to meet in. so at 3pm the Space Hijackers descended upon a bar near the Bastille.

Left to right (Marie-FR, Anne-FR, Nicholas-FR, Agent X-FR, Carsten-D, Greenman-SA, Lady Bird-GB, Bristly Pioneer-GB)

After sinking a bottle of wine by the Bastille with agent John Wild, his wife and our two most troublesome agents, their children, we decided to head off to an even more secluded venue for our toasting and planning. After planning a variety of TOP SECRET plans which will be announced soon, we went off to find nourishment, more alcohol, and more excitement. Agents Marie, Greenman, Bristly & Helen went for pizza before heading off to Republic to meet Anne for the Borderphonics talk.


Hosted at the Menagerie De Verre, Borderphonics was a web based radio show with Dj's drinking and dancing in a gallery space in central Paris. We turned up with a bag of dodgy records, a belly full of drink and high spirits. Unfortunately we the event was a little more subdued than we had imagined, infact we were quietened by the organisers. Worse still they then ran out of beer!

After the serious lefty earnestness of the morning and now the quiet computer nerdyness of the evening, in true Hijacker style we decided to help liven the proceedings in Paris. After the previous talk had finished Greenman & Bristly had a race around the block to waken themselves up, as Ladybird and co hit the off licence. With beer back in the building and a heavy breathing bunch of Hijackers we rounded everyone up and began our presentation. Showing our Circle Line party video and website, we explained the fun that can be had as a hijacker. After this we managed to persuade the Menagerie crew to let us on the turntables, and so a Dj set of tijuana brass, bad disco and Madonna ensued! Unfortunately we were brought off before we could start on the heavy metal. More talks went on, and more Space Hijacker friends turned up. Another Dj was allowed on, more beer was purchased and then Lady Bird started a break dancing competition! Many bruises later Agent Wild hit the floor and showed us all up for the pathetic hopefuls we are, with a 300 rmp hand spin!

We missed the last Metro, drunk too much and danced to much, however we got the party going, brilliant, except we were supposed to be talking at the ESF at 9am!

Saturday 15th November
ESF - Jamming Their Culture Creating Our Own

OUCH! That hurt. By 9.10 we had arrived at the venue for our presentation (Ten minutes isn't bad considering the state of our heads!). We walked into the gymnasium that was being used to host the seminar we were presenting in, and collected our headphones. Being an official ESF talk this was being translated simultaneously into 4 languages! Within 10 minutes of arriving the seminar was set up and we were told we were first on the bill! Nothing like time to prepare!

With several hundred people present we presented our work, explained what being a Space Hijacker is about and hopefully recruited some new agents. There were a number of interesting speakers including Movement Of The Imagination, who organised the event, John Jordan (Reclaim The Streets) who was showing a number of bandannas he was making with an occupied factory in Argentina. These are really funny, as they have a smile printed onto them so that when you wear them in big troublesome demo's the police just see a load of smiling people!

After the talks we went along to the big ESF demo, which was basically a show of strength for the people attending. If you have ever been along to any of these you will be aware of the trick each of the big groups pull to help their documentation. Basically within a march of thousands each group meets up as a block with a load of banners, then as the march moves off they occasionally slow down to let the march escape them. At this point their photographers move in and document their group looking as if they are leading the entire march (whereas actually there are probably 10,000 people infront of them). Above is a picture of Bristly and Greenman leading the entire ESF march away from republique!

After having tired of walking from A-B and leading the march we slipped out to a side street to have a Situationist style derive around the backstreets of Paris. Stopping off in bars to discuss revolutionary tactics we spent the rest of our time there in a tired, slightly inebriated state, planning the destruction of boredom, hierarchies, evil brands and dull lefty movements.

Vive Les Hijackers De L'espace!

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