Crazy Golf Tournament - Brighton Leg

35 golfers lined up as we decided our first hole would be the Queens head pub just north of the seafront. At this point we hadn’t actually decided on how the game was going to work and as 35 balls were fired off towards a dual carriage way and ducking tourists we began to think this may have been a bit of a mistake. Within about two minutes of golf which seemed to resemble hockey more than golf, we had had several balls squashed by busses, a couple of near misses, and gained a police tail. Eventually the police called a halt to proceedings after just 5 mins and we realised the pub we had chosen for our first hole was closed for refurbishment. A quick change of route lead us down a side street away from our law enforcing colleagues and towards the king and queen pub.

Here we stopped for refreshments and mused upon the less than fantastic start to our competition. A couple of new rules were drawn up, firstly we would stick to back streets rather than the main roads, secondly we would try and come up with some actual holes rather than just pubs, and thirdly we would play golf, not hockey. With fire in our bellies, we set out onto the streets again, ready to play golf for real. Unfortunately a mis-cued shot from agent Danger Joel flied straight into the face of a rather un-gentlemanly sort who then preceded to square up to the young chap. An apology and a bit of argy-bargy later and the realisation that there were 35 people with golf clubs ready to stand up for young Joel and a fracas was avoided.

Agent Greenman lead the golfers around the corner and towards the north lanes where an empty paint bucket was placed in a driveway further down the road and the competition got off to a belated start. At this point the game truly came into its own and we realised the beauty of street crazy golf.

The mass of golfers was a sight to behold, a sea of argyle and long socks. We played through the back streets for several holes, utilising traffic cones, small alleys, rubbish and all manner of other obstacles to make up our crazy golf course.

Eventually out balls lead us up into the shopping area of the north lanes, where the crowds cleared the way for our now improving golf skills to be shown off. Several members of the public borrowed clubs to join in for a while and try their hand at street golf.

If you know Brighton at all you will know that the train station (our destination) is at the top of a hill from whichever angle you approach from. This had lead us to zig zag through the streets gradually making our way uphill. We decided it was now time for another watering hole and just around the corner from our last golfing hole. Agent Leanne lead us to a pub just near the station, where a special upstairs room was opened especially to host our golfers. Resembling a club house this was a perfect setting to wind down from our active afternoon, and all of our agents put their feet up for a well earned drink. An eloquent speech from Agent November on the thinking for the project gained a round of applause from our cheerful golfers and we settled down to discuss swings and handicaps.

continued ...