9:30am Kings Cross

The ride had been split up by the random acts of police stupidity and so the group of us left headed slowly up to Kings Cross to meet up with the rest of our ride and the others who had set off from Marlybone. After annoying hundreds upon hundreds of car drivers and meandering along we finally arrived.

Cycling into Kings Cross was like completing a Marathon, Horns were blowing, people were cheering and we absolutely out numbered the police. The entire dual carriage way was blocked in both directions by the two sets of cyclists. A stall had been set up outside McDonalds giving out free vegi-burgers and the sun was out. The suddenly out of nowhere came the band!

Cheers went up all round, we had taken Kings Cross, everyone was laughing and dancing, and then the Police turned up on mass. Booo.

After a good dance the procession headed west in order to head into town, Police lined both sides of the road and attempted to video everyone who took part in what was a perfectly peacful protest. As we made our way along with all of the other happy protestors the black uniformed armour clad police on either side made it perfectly clear what their intentions were.

So we walked by under threat of arrest if we attempted to hide our faces as police captured every face on film to store on record for further use. 1984? Thought Police? Oh no sorry this is England home of democracy.

We almost arrived at out turning to head down to the west end when the police decided that enough was enough and that we were obviously all mindless thugs looking for a fight. The best policy was obviously to cage in all 800 odd protestors in the now raining weather and hold us there.

After holding hundreds of people against thier will for several hours simply for expressing an opinion that didn't agree with the status quo the police then formed a funnel out of riot vans and decided to search, photograph and take the details of everyone present. The fact that nobody had comitted a single crime was irrelevant, the law had decided that it was against us, and we had nobody to help us

After being searched and having our details taken the police photographer also documented every one that was there. Even when asked, no explination of what these records were being taken for, or even what the police intended to use them for, was given. The police state that London turned into that day was an absolute disgrace, I am still shocked now (Although I guess I shouldn't be) to think of how the police and government completely turned their backs on their own people in order to suppress any voice against the status quo, to trample on their own public in order to support a system which promotes exploitation and selfishness. I was utterly ashamed to call myself English.