Experimental Pedestrian Traffic Lanes Scheme

What is this?
As part of a continued commitment to improving traffic and congestion in and around central London, it has been decided to trial a series of experimental pedestrian schemes.

Why are you doing this?
In the year 2001 alone it is estimated that a combined total of 22,407 working hours were lost due to staff caught up in pedestrian jams, or injured as a result of tripping or pedestrian rage incidents. This is unacceptable in a metropolitan city such as ours.

How should I walk?
Please keep to the left and signal with your hand to indicate that you wish to turn off or change lane (See reverse for hand signals).

I think someone has been following me
They probably have! As a part of our ongoing research into pedestrian habits, we have employed a number of people to walk around the city following commuters in order to gage statistics such as average length of walk, average speed, and shoe types. This information will all help us understand and better design for the needs of the workers of this busy and cosmopolitan part of the city.

If you have any comments or suggestions as to how we can improve pedestrian issues please email this address:



Working towards a better regulated and more efficient London.