Hijacker Training Camp Part 2

Next we had to cross a field full of enemy operatives (cows) using special techniques so as not to be seen. Che Stadium briefed us on a series of hand signals to indicate whether to follow him or stay put, before dashing off into the field like a well trained mercenary. After a double pat on his head, the rest of our team tried to imitate his cunning moves, but probably failed miserably.

We had nearly crossed the field, when an enemy helicopter swung in from the east, GO GO GO, called agent Che and we dived for cover (and snacks) in the nearby blackberry bushes. That was a close call.

Greenman whipped out his compass, and along with Standard Deviant lead us north into the woods. An uphill hike followed until we found ourselves deep in the forest. Time for chocolate and a photo shoot. It was at this point that the agents who had shunned the camo face paint realised the error of their ways, as they stuck out like sore thumbs, ready to be picked out by snipers.

We carried on through the forest until we reached an area inhabited by locals. Unsure as to their allegiances we trod softly around the corner, armed with our trusty walking sticks. AAAaaargh! An attack dog named Sherpa quickly pounced into our troop and locked jaws onto Agent Steve SA’s staff. Acting like the calm professionals we are, we tried several well known techniques of dealing with attack dogs (playing fetch, stroking it, etc) and Sherpa soon switched sides. Unfortunately our techniques worked rather too well and for the next hour we had Sherpa stuck to our sides, along roads, through fields, woods and more. Eventually, after several “team building” arguments we gave Sherpa to a local resistance member and he called her owner.