Other Projects

1-Spot the Hijackers
Try and guess which of the characters in the game are the hijackers, find out what they are up to and snoop into the private lives of the general public.
Duck Hunt with a difference! score points by hitting the City Boys with an arsenal of custard pies, try and hit the bonuses to top up your weapon count. Takes Bugsy Malone to a new level.

You play our logo obsessed shopper chasing down the Oh so Cool logo's of our highstreets.

However the more you shop, the more sheep begin to follow you trend setting ways, and there you were being so individual and all.



An interactive adventure that takes you out on a Space Hijacker mission, you must stop the evil Richmond Rogers from controlling all of London with his mind controlling building.

Spank Spears

"Hit me baby, one more time"

Never in the history of pop have we heard such an invitation. Not as much game play as some of the other games but much more fun.

Dress That Gent

Ever wondered what those city types have got hidden in their closets? Now's your chance to find out, and ridicule them for it!

Hijacker Live Updates

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