Love is... not war
London Underground Posters
In a time of pro war propaganda it is important to make the voice of reason heard, to make some counter propaganda to create a debate as opposed to a governmental monologue.

Below are some anti-war posters to download and sneak in amongst the adverts on the tube. You may have seen the Love is... posters on the tube advising us that:

Love is ... not dropping litter
Love is ... not putting your feet on the chairs
Love is ... not listening to loud music

We thought given the present situation there is a more important message to be putting out.

Download, print out & enlarge to A3 on a colour photocopier (they need to be trimmed slightly on the sides).
They can then be used to replace the official Love is... posters on the carriages.

Click on each picture to get the high resolution version.

And here are some photos of them in place:

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