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It is a world of slimy advertisers and corporate co-option, advertising agencies are becoming more and more desperate to have the edge on each other. The kids are un happy, globalisation is a dirty word, Nike sucks and Gap is just naff. How are the multinationals going to market themselves to the all important youth market?

Ah, but of course, it was staring them in the face all along, just pretend that you are hip and with it. Co-opt the angry kids and pretend that you are on their side, if they still tell you to piss off, then just pretend to the share holders that you are friends with them. Advertise yourself as understanding the disgruntled youth and pretend that you are on the edge. The youth of today are stupid, how will they ever find out anyway?

Except that we did find out, and then we bit back.

Welcome to the tale of is part of BSD Consulting, a company that offers professional consultancy and technical services for web development, project management and migration strategies. is committed to becoming an invaluable tool to those in the new media arena by offering innovative technology and superior services that will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Wow, very interesting, however not quite as interesting as their Experiments page, as they put it:

The TrafficManager experiments section aims to:

* Find new and innovative ways to place and deliver advertising, not just online or only to web users.
* Find ways to encourage the exposure to the public of advertising, either by placement or other.
* Find ways to increase leads generated by advertising As stated above, the experiments section is not aimed solely at online advertising, we aim to experiment and push the boundaries of all advertising media. This is the place to watch if you want to see results of these experiments.

The experiments section will often feature spoof ads, anti advertisements, and other such activities, that help media owners to realise that they have a duty to maintain that advertising on thier media is not only relevent to the viewer, but also ethical

Currently pushing the boundaries...
Space Hijackers
Pixie Broadcast Network
No Logo

Yes there we are top of the list of those currently pushing the boundaries, oh we felt so proud, but had trafficmanager asked any of these people if they wanted to bew used to promote an advertising agency? I don't think they did. We then thought well what can we do? we were not going to just write ion and ask to be removed from the list, it was then that Agent Boblonskovich stepped up.

With lightning speed, he set to work on his laptop, fingers blurring as he perfected his code, what was he up to?

Ha HA! said agent Boblonskovich, here is my javascript, install this and traffic manager will trouble us no more! well I can tell you I was surprised to say the least, but true to his word Boblonskovichini had done the business. His code creates a special message on our intro page that is only visible when you come via the traffic manager website. So in a very mature manner, we wrote an intellectual and critical breakdown of what we thought of

Click here to visit trafficmanager then click on the Space Hijackers link

We were all very proud of Boblonsky, but more was to come. He turned to us and said, "fellow agents, it would be a crime for us to keep this code, we must let others share in this and bring these bastards to their knees". Steady on bob we said, but we realised that he was right, and so here it is with instructions on how to install it by the Boblonskovich himself:

Click here to see the javascript

copy and paste it and distribute as you wish, with love from The Space Hijackers and Special Agent Boblonskovich.

P.s. Two weeks after this project was set into motion, Traffic Manager has ceased to exits! Apparently they are having trouble moving server?

P.P.s The latest bunch to link to us are, Please click below then on our link: