Car Park Space Hijack
April Fools Day 2005

London, like many other modern cities, has very little public space for meeting in, rent is at a premium and the laws on where people can protest are becoming ever more stringent. We were about to launch our Mayday challenge to the government and we needed an office space to get some work done. The City of London is the best place for any self respecting organisation to have a London office, so after looking at a couple of properties we decided to rent some office space.

Unfortunately on our meager budgets (not being capitallist heads of business etc) we found the only space we could rent came by the quater hour in the form of a carpark space. Never the less, with some quick change Hijacker equipment the plot of land was soon transformed into a bustling office. Our new address was just a few doors down from the Guerkin!

The reason we needed an office space was in order to formally challenge the Government on Mayday. We wrote a letter to every Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat MP challenging them to a cricket match over their honour. Over 600 letters take a bit of time to sign and pack so our work force had a hard day of it.

Soon however we grew tired of our St Mary Axe address and decided to move onto the much more bustling Houndsditch. Picking a lovely office right next to a Lamborghini, close to local ameneties and with a much better view.

We ploughed our way through our letters for several hours, untill our fingers were aching. When we suddenly noticed that the streets around us had started to get much busier. Looking at the clock we realised that everyone else had finished work for the day and was heading home. Slap bang in the middle of rush hour in the city, our office workers started to be questioned by the passers by, obviously they were worried that our boss was working us too hard. There was only one thing for it:

OFFICE PARTY! We clocked out for the day, cracked open some beer and set up a stero to blast out cheesy pop.

Unfortunately at this point the Landlords arrived and informed us that our lease had expired and they intended to evict us! (well in actual fact they said we were obstructing the queens highway and that unless we moved on then they would have us put in jail for 5 years ) We assume there had been complaints from the neighbours.

Well we had grown bored of that view anyway, so we relocated again around the corner for the remainder of our office party. The landlords visited a few times again, and at one point parked up next to our property in a mobile home, but they didn't bother us again.

The beer kept flowing and as night fell we decided it was time to leave the office and head out into the city pubs to see what the nightlife was like around our new address.

Work hard and play hard!
Pictured above are the 600+ letters that we wrote, and Agents, Ladybird, Greenman and Shalini busting their moves.

over and out...