Raising £5000 for a tank within 3 months is not an easy task, especially when you add in all the extra costs of hiring low loader trucks to move the bloody thing, parts to fix it, fees to get it road legal and all of the train and coach journeys it took to sort things out.

The first thing we realised was that aside from asking for donations from all of our friends we would need to get active promoting the tank plan to the public and gaining awareness of what we were planning. Our first plan was to knock up some t-shirts which we could give out to people who donated, thereby also promoting the plan.


Short but sweet the design, on hijacker red shirts, got people talking and looked pretty cool too. However we wanted to branch out from simply flogging the idea to our friends and visitors to our site. We therefore decided to set up a regular stall on Brick Lane Market to raise money and awareness of the fair.

With a beautiful sign, a big box of t-shirts and flyers and a ghetto blaster we headed down to Brick Lane Market each Sunday Morning to set up our stall. No sooner had we unfolded our table, switched on the Beastie Boys and started dancing and shouting that people began congregating around picking up flyers and asking about the arms fair. As the weeks went by we were joined by Agent V and the amazing Beatrix bicycle propelled sound system, and a variety of other anti-DSEi activists who came down to hand out leaflets, play samba and entertain the crowds.

A Happy Customer, The Beatrix and Gelatin Agent giving out information.

We raised a few hundred pounds towards the tank each week we were there, handed out hundreds of leaflets, recruited a few new hijackers and DSEi protestors and got a tan thrown in for free!

Our other major benefactor for the tank was the fantastic group Artists Anonymous. After hearing about how they had been thrown out of their gallery for opening a show about killing your gallerist, and the fact they were now doing Marylin Manson's new video, we realised they were the kind of people we could play with. Agent Greenman from the Hijackers approached the beautiful Loolie from Artists Anonymous and proposed the idea of the tank to them. Amazingly they thought it wasn't totally insane and agreed to stump up half of the cash to buy the vehicle! The cash unfortunately was in Berlin.

So we sent agent Greenman off on a secret mission to pick up a bundle of used £20 notes from a secret location in Berlin. Meanwhile back in London, we organised a big tank fundraiser party. With lasers from agent Batman, tunes from a variety of hijackers and a whole pile of lager, we managed to get a fair amount of tank paid for in one night. Just as things were getting messy at the party, in walked Greenman with a bundle of notes in his fist! Straight from the plane he strolled into the party and announced.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a tank!"

now we just had to make it public...