As this project (aside from the great fun of driving a tank into an arms fair) was largely about making the fact that the world's largest arms fair happens in East London into common knowledge, we realised that a press conference was an essential part of our planning.

We orignially sent out a press pack detailing how we were tired of being pushed around by burly policemen every time we tried to cause trouble at the arms fair. This time, we claimed, we would be taking things up a notch or so, and rolling up to the fair in a tank! Read more here.

However we realised that a more cunning strategy for baiting the press would be needed and so around a week before the fair, we called in journalists from all over the news networks to our press conference. Everyone from Sky News to the East London Advertiser were present, we think it was the promise of free beer that attracted them.

Greenman and Bristly Pioneer were representing the Space Hijackers with Loolie representing Artists Anonymous.

We explained to the gathered hacks that we had had a plan to disrupt the fair using a tank, however on reflection we had now seen there was money to be made. Originally the idea of buying a tank was the stuff of daydreams, however after having hooked up with Artists Anonymous and recieved a sizable chunk of cash towards the tank from them, we had been tainted by greed. Taking our tip from the government supported arms dealers, we now intended to drive into the protests, and just as the angry black block were squaring up to the riot police we would auction our tank to the highest bidder! Cash in hand, no questions asked.

Various journalists asked about the responsibility of driving such a weapon into a volatile situation and handing it over with no conscience. Our stance on this was simple, after having travelled to various DSEi fairs in the past, where countries at war with each other are invited to bid on weapons (how many are they having, i'll order double), we realised this was an honest way of doing business. How could we possibly take responsibility for something once it had left our hands? How could any injury caused with our equipment possibly be our fault?

Here is a copy of our later press release

So then full of beer, stories of tanks and tales of trouble to come, the press headed back to their offices.

We however had a tank to get on the road.

getting the tank ready...