Exploding Trouble Briefcase !!!!!

Agent Robin.

Your Mission should you decide to accept it, is to sneak into the heart of the city with this case stuffed to the brim with all manner of dubious stuff.

5 x Agent envelopes, 1 x Wig, 2 x Knee Pads, 2 x Rope coils, 2 x Torches, 1 x SH Beret, 1 x Spray can, 1 x Mobile phone, 1 x Permanent marker, 200 x SH Business cards, 2 x Sunglasses.

Walk disguised and unnoticed with all of the other suits, then at just the right moment:

Drop open the case, cause as much confusion as possible, as people start to help pick up the stuff, including all of the Space Hijackers business cards, Leg it, leaving them clutching a Space Hijackers card and with a confused head.

Drop 1, The Square facing The Lloyds Building.

Drop 2, Liverpool St Station.

Well done, mission complete.

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