The Brighton to London Crazy Golf Tournament
April 1st 2006

Hatched in one of our monthly top secret meetings, the Brighton to London Crazy golf tournament was the brainchild of agent November. Golf courses as a representation of a natural landscape to play upon fail miserably in comparison to the infinitely more exciting and crazy landscape of our built environment. We decided to re-explore and re-imagine our surroundings via a different set of rules to the ones we usually live by, we chose the rules of crazy golf as a perfect starting point, and what better day for this than April fools.

So the plan was formed, a crazy golf tournament across the streets, making up the holes as we played, and letting the balls lead us. We decided that the seafront town of Brighton would be a perfect location for a golf tournament, especially if we combined it with an Orient Express style train journey to match our new golfing outfits. Agent Cupcake pointed out that Brighton seafront, hosts a fantastic crazy golf course which we could use as a warm up round, before heading into the streets to hone our skills. We set the challenge on our website and all headed off to our local charity shops to search for outfits and clubs.

Our first meeting point was in London’s Victoria station, where we were all pleasantly surprised by the amount of argyle on show. A quick toast and we boarded our train to meet the other golfers in Brighton.

Heading down to the seafront from the station, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to practice our swing, and a couple of agents broke out the first balls of the day. (note to police – we cleverly decided to use special aero-balls for the tournament so that no windows would be smashed). After some pretty shabby swinging it became clear that a warm up on the crazy golf course was going to be essential before we took to the streets for real.

After a quick cup of tea, we arrived at the course to find several other Hijacker golfers mid-round. We spoke to the course owner who allowed us to use our own clubs on the course rather than the bog standard putters.

This however wasn’t perhaps the wisest choice as drivers and 6 irons it seems are best used for other shots, ooops.

Keeping count of our scores on the 18 hole course, it seemed there was a little difference in the ability of our players, scores ranged from the mid forties for agent Shalini through to an almost unbelievable 127 shots from agent Alice. We took a quick break for frisbee on the beach (well we had come down to the seaside) before walking over to the entrance to the pier to start the competition.


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