The City of London is run by the suits, corporate attire is the order of the day, infact order is the order of the day.
Then on halloween a bunch of masked freaks invaded.

Starbucks Coffee Shop

Our aim was a simple one, to remind the city workers that although they may think they rule the world, perhaps once they are tucked up in bed for the night then all manner of other things take control of their carefully ordered city.

The night before Halloween a motley crew of Space Hijacker agents masked up and headed into the city in the witching hour. Finding places where city workers sit to have their lunch we posed for polaroid shots. Then left the photo's behind to be found on Halloween.

Imagine the scenario, you sit down on the bench you have been sitting on every lunchtime for the past two years. However this time the corner of a polaroid photo is sticking out. Your curiosity gets the better of you, except this time it's an apple you should have left well alone. "Your" lunch spot isn't just your's anymore. Soon every nook and cranny of the slick city starts to tell a sordid tale of night time freaks up to who knows what ....

Creeping around the City in the middle of the night our band of wrestlers found a whole new side to the corporate playground.

Once the workers have gone home the security guards put up their feet and relax with a paper. Perfect for going exploring. We found ourselves on 8th storey roof tops, clambering on railings, along walls, down drains and right up next to people's desks.

We left a little trace wherever we went.

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