Pirate Island Party 01/06/02

It had come to our attention that slap bang in the centre of the docklands in London, was an unused, uninhabited island. Surrounded by luxury flats and expensive boats we could claim the island and exists as a community of cutthroats and scoundrels.

A preliminary search party was sent out, and we checked to see what equipment we would need, the level of security and layout of our pirate island to be. We returned on the Jubilee weekend to claim our own piece of land, well equipped with a boat, soundsystem, bbq, rope ladder, scull & cross bones and of course a load of rum.

After a few mishaps on our first attempt to claim the land (capsizing the ship, soaking the sound system and sending our food to the bottom of the thames) we set up our ladder and were up on dry land! Har har!

continued ...