Anarchist Cricket

Cricket is a game for Ladies and Gentlemen, not Men and Women, a game of gentlemanly conduct where there is no need for an umpire as players act in a sportsmanlike manner. We now live in an age where the modern man is not a gentleman, he is an aggressive man, business, politics and sport have all been corrupted and sullied by the ogre of capitalism.

There is no place for gentlemanly behaviour in the modern board room or playing field. Whilst our communities are ruined by multinationals, our sports are drowning under a sea of logo’s and our governments are been taken over by warmongering bullies.

Ladies and Gentlemen ITS JUST NOT CRICKET!

We are calling on all to join us in our cricket whites to show these vile global bullies, heartless boardroom thugs and soulless politicians that we are no longer prepared to put up with their despicable ways.

No Rulers - No Umpires - Anarchism?

Our government and their corporate bed fellows are not fit to rule us. We wish to live in a society where people accept, befriend and work with each other. Much like the game of Cricket we still have laws, however we do not rely on a corrupt body to decide and implement them, and we do not act to exploit and trick our fellow players. There used to be a time in cricket when a batsman would walk back from the crease to the pavilion if he had been outed and the umpire had not noticed, for being a gentleman he would be applauded by all. Unfortunately now, especially in the corporate sponsored garishly coloured international game, this custom has been abandoned. In today’s game winning is everything, and the game comes second.

We applaud that walking batsman in his whites with his morals and conviction, and we boo the devious corporate sponsored sneak in his lurid shirt covered in adverts.