Date: 20 April 2005
Space Hi-Jackers

Dear Sir / Madam
Proposal to hold an event on Parliament Square Garden on Sunday May 1st 2005

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has been made aware of your proposal to hold a cricket event on Parliament Square and has received information from the Metropolitan Police regarding the event. Whilst the GLA has been made aware of the objectives of your proposal, we have a policy of not authorising any demonstrations, promotions, installations or similar activities on the GLA controlled area of Parliament Square.  Such activities are not considered appropriate on Parliament Square Garden due to a number of issues including limited pedestrian access, low load-bearing limits, the disruption to Parliament and the surrounding roads, and the security of the surrounding buildings. Groups that attempt to hold demonstrations on the GLA managed area may be in breach of the following byelaws (section 5) for which permission is required:

(1) Attach any article to any tree, plinth, plant box, seat, railing, fence or structure;
(3) Exhibit any notice, advertisement or any other written or pictorial matter;
(7) Camp, or erect or cause to be erected any structure, tent or enclosure;
(10) Organise or take part in any assembly, display, performance, representation, parade, procession, review or theatrical event.

I therefore need to inform you that the Greater London Authority will not grant permission to use Parliament Square for an event should your organisation be considering such a proposal. Should your group attempt to gather on Parliament Square Garden without the permission of the Greater London Authority you will be in breach of the Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square Garden Byelaws 2000 and may be prosecuted. I would therefore be grateful if you would confirm that you will be taking steps to advise potential participants that the square may not be used for form of event, rally or gathering

Yours sincerely
Paul Cavanagh
Squares Management Team

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