Dear Paul,

Thank you for your letter regarding our Cricket Match due to take place on Parliament Square this Sunday. It seems you have rather caught the wrong end of the stick though old boy.

The cricket match is not a protest or anything of the sort, so we are rather confused at the various bylaws that you have quoted at us. We have simply organised a cricket match against the Members Of Parliament.

As we are sure you are aware, in section 5 of the Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square Garden Byelaws 2000 which is entitled " Acts within the Squares for which written permission is required" states that at sub section (15) that written permission is needed to "engage in any organised form of sport or physical exercise which cause a disburbance to any other person using the square"
Our cricket match will not be disturbing other members of the square, and we undertake to halt the game if it appears to do so, or if we are requested to by other users of the square. Therefore it seems that by following the letter of the law we do not need to apply for written permission for the match.

You are of course welcome to join us on the day and perhaps share a cucumber sandwich or cup of tea with us. Perhaps you would even fancy a spot of cricket against one of the MP’s.

Thank you for your interest in our match.

We hope to see you soon.
Yours Faithfully,
The Space Hijackers.