Handing in the Challenge:

5 agents, Bristly Pioneer, Cupcake, Litost, Treat and Wild travelled to Parliament to hand in the Mayday challenge to the government. After a day in our CITY OFFICE spent signing and stuffing envelopes we had over 600 personally addressed letters to each Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MP.

Agents Wild, Treat and Litost inside Parliament

We passed through security X-ray's with little trouble (although Bristly had to leave his cricket bat at the desk) and made our way to the central lobby. All photography is verboten in Parliament, however one of our camera telephones accidentally took the picture above.

Strolling up to the reception desk we were told that unfortunately due to there being an election on, Parliament was not accepting any mail! You would assume that at times like this MP's would wish to hear what the public thought, it seems not. We were directed to the internal Post Office in Parliament who informed us that no letters could be accepted without a stamp.

"But we have hand delivered them, they dont need a stamp"
"yes they do"
"Oh No They Don't"
"OH YES THEY DO" etc etc etc.

We passed from desk to desk desperately trying to get someone to accept our letters, all of whom refused to accept anything without hard cash. Eventually we arrived at Derby Gate, where the letters would be processed and scanned for anthrax etc before passing onto the MP's. Realising that the red tape mountain was about to consume us we backed down and handed over £130 to cover 620 2nd Class Stamps. Bristly Pioneer was taken down throught the depths of Parliament with the letters, through metal lined corridors, up stairs, down stairs and through more and more corridors, before the letters were eventually scanned and sent on their way.

The challenge had now been set into motion, the match is now on. We also noticed parliament Sq had just had the grass mown in the morning, a good omen if ever there was one.