Space Hijackers
The Members Of Parliament

Parliament Square
May 1st 2005

Mayday has long been a day of trouble, a historical day where the general public rebel against the powers that be and have a right royal time of it to boot.

If ever there was a power that needed rebelling against it is our present parliament, and the major parties that make it up.

Promoting a pro-war, pro-privatisation, pro-capitalist, pro-surveillance and anti-environmental agenda, the major parties have lost our faith.

One month before the match, we hand delivered over 600 letters to the Members Of Parliament, challenging them to a game of cricket on Mayday.

We the Space Hijackers, hereby challenge you and your fellow Members of Parliament to a game of cricket. We challenge you to show us that your morals and behaviour are fit to govern this country. Prove to us that your support of the Olympic bid was not just more hot air. Prove to us and the rest of the country that you are what you claim to be. Prove it to us on the batting crease.

We look forward to receiving your acceptance or decline of the challenge in the very near future.

A decline of our challenge will be seen by us and the entire British Public as acceptance that you are the morally and honourably corrupt government that we suspect. We shall see you at the pitch.

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We recieved several letters back from the MP's. Unfortunately by match day we were still waiting to hear from the majority of Members. We did however recieve a letter from the GLA threatening us with arrest if we decided to play. Luckily a fantastic legal eagle came to our aid and found out that indeed the various bylaws would let us play.

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The Match

Finally Match day came and our team assembled ready to take on the state and smash them for six!

We padded up and marched down to Parliament Square, on a gorgeous sunny afternoon. As the team walked onto the pitch the various users of the square erupted into applause and we started to warm up.

No sooner had we began to limber up, the Police arrived! A quick discussion about various bylaws and subsections began, and it was agreed that we would be able to continue play!

Unfortunately after waiting for half an hour, no Members Of Parliament had decided to put their batting skills where their mouths are. Obviously content to be seen as Morally and Honourably corrupt, our leaders sleep well at night. We needed to find an opposition. After an announcement to the crowds, we discovered a labour supporter in the midst!

Joined by SSAW (school students against the war) and after an amendment to the sign, we managed to pull together an opposition!
A coin was tossed and the Space Hijackers were to be bowing first.

A furious match ensued with the opposition eventually all out for 56.

Time for some lunch!

Tea and Cucumber sandwiches were served at the pavillion, along with lashings of pimms, wine and other tipples! The Space Hijackers batting order was decided upon and our opening batsmen padded up! Mus and El Miguel took to the crease.

A thrilling innings then took place with agents whacking the ball all over the park

We racked up the points and soon the day was our's, agent batman hitting the ball for six to take the game.

The two teams shook hands and toasted one another, the real winner of course being the game. Time for a pipe and a swift drink before the sun started to set.

The bails were finally removed at about 7pm, and the Space Hijacker agents slipped into a gentle hazy stupor. At one point Tony Blair sped past in his motorcade, surrounded by armed police, we waited for him to hop out of his car in his whites but he carried on racing past. He wasn't smiling.

The Space Hijackers Cricket team 2005

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