Police Notice


Status: For general distribution within force

2pm Monday 1 May 2006
Bank of England
(Uniformed Officers Only)

It is our pleasure to announce that the Police Mayday Victory Celebrations will be going ahead as planned. With the "Anarchists" having no plans than a little marching as part of the usual Trade Union March, it is safe to declare that we have won! Yes, finally this ancient pagan day of celebration and disrespect for authority has been conquered - and it's time to have a party.

We encourage all police men and women who would normally be policing the anarchist activities to meet for a big street party outside the Bank of England at 2pm on May 1 2006. Since the lack of any protester activity this year means that we are all missing out on a fair lump of overtime pay, we are requesting that all officers supply food and drinks, and anything else becoming of a uniformed police officer on Mayday, to share with their fellows.

Please forward to all of your colleagues in the station, and post a copy of this up on your officers mess notice board.

The Space Hijackers Police Force.
Making London Safer


1) All officers are expected to be in uniform. Anyone attempting to be funny and arriving dressed as one of the great unwashed hippie or anarchist crowd may feel the blows of our truncheons. Riot vans are welcome although please note that parking restrictions may apply (consult your station master).

2) Police bands are more than welcome, also please remember to bring a radio to listen to the police frequencies.

3) Once again, this is a party for UNIFORMED POLICE ONLY, no terrorist protestors or bank robbers.