Two days of street intervention and socio-art throughout London
8th– 9th June 2002

"Observable Occurrences is the manifestation of a growing drive in contemporary art – to engage with the society that a work occurs in; both formally, politically and spiritually. The main focus of the event is on street action, which can be considered the most popular of art forms in that it occurs in direct relationship with population and the most political of art forms in that it communicates with population in their own world and so about their own lives"

Pirate Radio Briefcase

Over the course of the Observable Occurrences event The Space Hijackers launched our very latest piece of equipment "Pirate Radio Breifcase".  This stylish case contains a fully operational pirate radio station complete with twin CD players, Mixer, Amplifier, Speakers, Transmitter and Aerial.


With its HQ based at VTO gallery the Observable Occurences event was showcasing a series of live and socially aware art over the course of one weekend. Documentation and videos were screened at the gallery whilst a programme of live events took place around London.

Using the case over the weekend we broadcast a series of messages to people driving past on a range of frequencies. We broadcast information about tricks that shops will play on you to customers in a supermarket carpark before they shopped. Public service announcements were given to drivers to ignore the adverts on their radio's and the billboards on the roads. Comments on commuting and car lifestyle were broadcast to people heading in and out of London.

Space Hijackers Observable Occurences Timetable
Date Event
Sat 8th June  

A11, Bow Interchange, Bow, E3. "Welcome to London"
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Rymans, Charing Cross Rd, Soho, W1. "Instore Announcements"

Cancelled Due to Technical Difficulties


Picadilly Circus, W1. "Please Ignore the Adverts"
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6:00 pm

Sainsburys Carpark, Whitechapel E1. "Helping you shop"
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Sun 9th June
6:00 pm

A102(M), Bromley By Bow, "Commute Home"


As seen in adbusters Jan-Feb 2003