International Pirate Rum Social
Pirate Island

Har Har, Indeed it was time again to call upon the international band of scurvy ridded dawgs and cut throats that make up the Space Hijackers and friends, for an afternoon of rum and piracy on the high seas (Limehouse basin anyway).

Troublemakers from all over the globe decended upon our island in the docklands to toast each others good health and to reclaim our island from the gentrified surroundings that now make up the docklands in east London. Once the home of pirates, smugglers and highwaymen of the seas, it is now the weekday residence of finance managers, futures market traders and other such boring city types. With our floatilla of ships (two rowing boats) and a band of darstardly pirates we set sail from Regents Canal, threw up our rope ladder and claimed the land back in the name of piracy, rum and dancing!

Two by two our pirates were ferried accross to the island, where our sound system was set up playing sea shanties and a merry jig was started. Pirates from the Cartograpic Conference, Stop Shopping Tour and Cast Off knitting circle joined the Space Hijacker pirates for an afternoon of socialising, and moonshine drinking.

By 3pm our island was holding around 30 pirates, all dressed in their finery, with plastic swords, eye patches, wooden legs, stripey shirts and dodgy facial hair!