Our fine ships faired well in the stormy seas, even though one was making do with a set of toy oars!

However, word had obviously spread of our hot bed of international bandits as it was not long before the long arm of the law came reaching for us.

Luckily Pirate Boblonsky was on hand in his fantastic role as Space Hijackers Police Liason Officer, and he soon set them scurrying away with a flash of his cutlass and a pirate roar! (Oh and we had to promise not to set fire to anything).

One narrow escape, but another was still on her way to try and dampen our spirits, literally. Next it was Old Mother Nature's turn to try her hand at washing our dirty selves from the respectable neighborhood.

Still we were not to be defeated by the storms, the sound system was covered in plastic and turned up a notch or two, and the social went on.

continued ...