Two by two our merry pirates were ferried back to dry land, and taken to our keep. Here, away from the elements, and back in the warm and dry, the pirate in everyone came out to play.

More rum. More whiskey. More cutlass fighting, More football? More dancing to a better sound track!

Har har, the bunch of scurvey dogs.

Several hours later we found ourselves down at 'the Grapes' a 17th century river side pub, and home of many a drunken sailor over the years. Here our pirate banter decended further into incoherence, before we finally ventured back to our cabins for the night.

Thankyou to everyone who turned up, to the cartographic conference and stop shopping tour, and to Gemma and all of the teenage pirates who showed us a thing or two about cutlass fighting.

Until next time.

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