Trip to Rome
May 2005

Agent Aaron left our fair shores to live in Rome and work on the transformation of one of Garibaldi's old houses into an ethically friendly sustainable development. Offering up to the Space Hijackers free beds and a local guide we could not refuse a trip.

Several agents ventured out to make the pilgrimage Ladybird, Greenman, Demetrius, Dave, Cupcake, Jake Bullit McCabe and finally Bristly Pioneer. (Due to British Passport Authrities fanaticism Bristly arrived three days later).

Linking up with a variety of Italian organisations the Space Hijackers showed films of our actions and visited a number of the amazing social centres set up by Italian Activists. We also arrived in time to catch the largest Critical Mass bike ride held in Rome, (although too late to score any bikes).

Agents Ladybird and Greenman organised busy sight seeing schedule and a very inspiring Space Hijackers planning meeting was held next to the Vatican with possibly the largest glasses of beer known in the western world.

We finished up our trip with a midnight derive across the city taking in a host of unusual sights from abandoned diggers, to 3am military parades.

Click here for details and photos of the derive

The ladies and gentlement at the Casale who put us up were more than wonderful, feeding, housing and putting up with our quirky ways.
Thankyou all, and keep in touch.


Other Agents Comments:


One of my favourite moments in Rome was when Mus got a tad tipsy and introduced us to his alter ego Jake 'Bullit' McCabe ... Raymond Chandler walks amongst us and has no less than three ass-holes:
- his real one
- the one made by the bullet
- and his ex-wife (a poor Norwegian girl living in Rome had the honour of being this character and I don't think she knew what had hit her!)

Maybe you had to be there? I hope that some day you will all have the honour of meeting Jake!