Citizens Supporting Government:
Local Success, National Challenge

"We have too many people thinking here. I want cameras in bedrooms I want no self expression without prior police consent."
- Agent Greenman

Following the success of the 2005 SOCPA legislation, CSG return to help the government in their exciting bid to extend the Act further, making it illegal to demonstrate without permission not just in central London but the entire country!

This ground breaking plan is currently incubating within the chambers of Parliament so CSG took to the streets, testing for subversive types and helping to deliver legislation to dangerous individuals nationwide.

Since CSG's inception in 2005, our R&D department has been working hard on developing new tools to test for thoughts of a subversive nature in the general public. These thoughts can be the first sign that a citizen is considering dissent, criticism or even outright protest.

The Test and Response Unified Subversive Thought (T.R.U.S.T.) scanner provides an early indication of a citizen's failure to suppress thought effectively. Version 2.0 of the scanner not only reads and records brain waves, it also adds the capability to permanently modify the subject's neurological wave patterns, thus beginning the reprogramming process in situ without the subject's knowledge!

The T.R.U.S.T. scanner is used in conjunction with the O'Brien–Goldstein questionnaire which has been developed to test the subject's ability to activate latent subversive synapses. Some basic biometric data is also taken from the subject to ensure there are no errors in their DNA configuration.

CSG believe recording and correlating subject results should only be the start of the process. The outcome of testing will determine how the subject is tagged and monitored in the future.

Successful participants are rewarded with a "minimal threat" tag, allowing the authorities to direct the majority of resources towards monitoring those who clearly represent a threat to government and may voice an opinion at any time.

After a full day of testing CSG were alarmed by the number of individuals entering the SOCPA zone while in possession of subversive thoughts.

We can only hope that tagging these individuals will aid the police in the early application of the SOCPA legislation and the prevention of opinions and ideas being spread recklessly across the country.

Note: We are recruiting! If additions to the SOCPA legislation are successful CSG will be looking for enforcement volunteers nationwide! Please contact us here with your completed questionnaire, a brief outline of ideas you have to prevent dissent and an accurate measurement of head circumference.