Fed up of your local High Street being overrun by multinationals?
Angered by the lack of community?
Annoyed by societies dumbing down of culture?

24th Feb - 3rd Mar 2004

Our daring agents headed into the toilets of a variety of multinationals and installed art exhibitions in their cubicles. The Toilet Gallery is an attempt to force some local culture back into the bland décor and homogenous design of the identikit outlets popping up across the world.

The show opened in the toilets of an old London pub, with agents sipping wine in the urinals and eating cake in the cubicles. Since the opening a variety of shows have been unsuspectingly plopping up all over the world in the toilets of McDonalds, Starbucks, Burger King and other bastions of culture.

The work show is also available to peruse here in our virtual Toilet Gallery, or at a multinational near you.

Why not curate a show yourself?

Make some art, install it in your local Multinational, take a pic and send it in to us.
email all submissions to:

toilet at spacehijackers.org

Click below to download on of our official signs and trick the cleaners into leaving your work on show:


The Exhibition at the Wheatsheaf

Visit the Show

24th Feb - 3rd Mar

The Toilets
The Wheatsheaf
6 Stoney St


Click below to see pictures from the various galleries that have been set up so far:

Galleries With Pictures
Starbucks inside Borders - Kingston Upon Thames- UK Agents Jen & Amanda
Oxford Market - Oxford - UK Agent Aaron
Starbucks - Shad Thames , London - UK Agent El Miguel
McDonalds - Oxford Street, London - UK Agent Bristly Pioneer
McDonalds - Peckham, London - UK Agent Cupcake
McDonalds - Leicester Square, London - UK Agents Greenman & Bristly Pioneer
Starbucks - Leicester Square, London - UK Agent Greenman
Burger King - Leicester Square, London - UK Agents Greenman & Bristly Pioneer
KFC - Leicester Square, London - UK Agent Ladybird
The Library - Peckham , London - UK Agent Cupcake
McDonalds - Oxford Street east, London - UK Agent Dolores
McDonalds - Hackney, London - UK Agent Wild
Galleries With No Pictures
McDonalds - Oxford St, London - UK Agent Hardcastle
McDonalds - London Liverpool St Agent Lt Onyx