Fed up of your local highstreet being overrun by multinationals and chain stores?
Angered by the lack of community?
Feel like you live your life on a conveyor belt, sleep, work, eat, work, sleep?
Annoyed by societies dumbing down of culture?


The Space Hijackers Toilet Gallery is an attempt to force the community back into bland highstreets and indentical chain stores.
A chance for people to escape the world of endless consumerism and global monoculture.

We live in a world that is getting smaller and smaller, capitalism has provided the consumer with a vast array of choices.
We no longer need to travel the world to taste it's delicacies, they are all right here in our local supermarket.
Why look enviously at the people on your TV screen or on the cover of that magazine?, the stores that sell those items are coming to a high street near you!
The latest craze in New York or California will be hitting your area with no delay, you no longer need to feel like you are wearing yesterday's style.

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? (Jonny Rotten)

You can travel to the other side of the world but find the same restaurant chain as back home. Your local independent shops are closing down and being replaced by multinationals. The same advertising campaign is running simultaneously across the globe. You hear the same songs and have the same pop idols as people who live on a different continent. Your local market has been closed down and now you have to drive out of town to the same box like superstore as every other poor soul. Your "Frank's Cafe" is a Starbucks, Your "Greasy Spoon" a McDonalds, and who knows how GAP, Pret, NIKE Store, and the many other cronies buldozed their way in? Don't we have town planners?

We decided we had had enough, enough of the same bland indentical trash as everyone else, since when did more choice mean we have to wear the same clothes, eat at the same places, drink the same horrid coffee and listen to the same dull music as the rest of the globe? It's time to force the community back into our high streets, to highlight our area and our local thinkers.


Our plan is simple, to set up a series of galleries in the toilet cubicles of multinationals and chain stores. The work will have to be installed guerilla style in the cubicle's during business hours. Here after it can be left to be appreciated by customers of the store. Local artists should be invited to show work, which should be of a multiple and disposable nature (chances are that the gallery will get thrown away by cleaners quite often).

Diminish the blandness of your area in 5 easy steps

1 - Sneak into your local chain restaurant or shopping centre (McDonalds, Starbucks, Pret-a-Manger, Burger King, Asda, Wal Mart, Tesco, etc, etc,etc).
2 - Lock yourself in a toilet cubicle.
3 - Curate an art show (The theme being whatever you like, preferably work by local artists).
4 - Put up a placard or description of why the show exists.
5- Leave it up for the next customer to view.

Click here for a couple of descriptive notices to put up - notice.pdf

The Result:

People are locked in a room where they are asked to think.
They are snapped out of the shopping spectacle and asked to sit and contemplate something.
The store's conveyor belt like processing of customers in disrupted as people spend longer in the toilet.
Local artists get to show their work to local people
The bland and globally identical decor is individualised

Click here for the OPENING SHOW SAT 8TH FEB 2003