Tower 42

We don't particularly like people who work in the City, (Globalisation, 3rd world debt, corruption and bad suits to name a few reasons), but even they get shat upon by those designing and running space. Besides, we have just found a way of having a lot of fun with all of them.

Tower 42, (The building formally known as Natwest Tower) is in the heart of the city, it's workers are the high flyers of City business. They are also shunted around the back of the building and hidden out in the cold, if they smoke. This is a space ripe for hijacking, with a workforce that is under stress and being treated like societies rejects, and a management that obviously believes more in company face than employee respect.

With the right bit of provocation we're sure that we could set all hell loose. Even city boys have to have a bit of revolutionary character hidden deep down somewhere.

The Plan
The Mission
The Reaction