Hijacker Training Camp this year took place in Suffolk, we're not exactly sure where, infact the whole thing was a bit of a rollercoaster. Bits we remember were:

1) Getting tattoos
2) Capturing Pretty Teenagers in a trap
3) Fire Breathing & Boxing & Sword Fighting whilst drunk
4) Getting thrown out of a campsite by a mean man, then refusing to leave
5) Setting up a new camp in a disused firing range in the middle of fucking nowhere
6) Hallucinating from killer ant bites
7) Running out of water and washing plates with sand
8) A theory lesson from Agent Dark Steve (seriously!
9) Firing too many guns
10) Swimming in canals and rivers
11) Throwing up too much
12) Walking too far
13) Running an assault course in a pub carpark

Here are some pictures in no particular order: