The Space Hijackers training camp is an annual weekend away for Hijacker agents. Escaping London we travel off to the countryside to learn essential skills, team build and run workshops.

This years camp was selected by agent Hardcastle and situated in Suffolk near a curious place called Snape Maltings. Consisting of nothing more than a clearing in the woods our site required us to learn various survival skills in order to make it through the weekend, not least of all, learning to use a hole dug in the soil as a toilet.

A variety of agents had put their names forward for the camp, some old timers and for some it was their first training camp. Alas agent Batman couldn't make the weekend (or so he thought).

So on Friday morning at Hijacker HQ we filled up our rented transit van with tents, bottled water, swords, parafin, boxing gloves, pirate flags, druid outfits, replica fire arms, sleeping bags, rope ladders and more. Agents Jessic, Invisible Parsnip, Bristly, Monstris & Hardcastle set off, with one slight detour to make en-route.



Pulling up at agent Batman's front door we rang his doorbell and waited for him to come down the stairs. Stepping out onto the street in his slippers he peered into the side door of the van as Hardcastle explained we had something to show him. Slightly confused and still quite sleepy he tried to work out what we were pointing out, when suddenly he was pushed from behind and into the van. Jessic and Parsnip pinned him to the van floor, as Hardcastle slammed the door closed and rushed back to close his front door and pick up his dropped slipper. Go GO GO screamed Monstris as Bristly stomped on the accelerator. As the cars queued up behind started honking their horns and considering calling the police, we sped off towards camp with an extra agent in tow. Alas with no wallet, telephone, clothes or tent he would have to rely on us to get him back safely and explain to his girlfriend what happened.


Arriving at our campsite we quickly began to set up camp erecting tents and getting busy digging the whole we would be using as a toilet. A quick trip to the shops for supplies and it was time for some fire building. Just before night properly fell on us, Agent Greenman turned up in his car with Grand Master Yoshizen in the passenger seat and Gideon Stargrave in the back. Yoshizen, a pensioner would spend the rest of the weekend gradually putting us all to shame with his strength, skills and philosophising. A never ending source of stories, tips on bush craft and supply of energy made him the instant camp leader.

One by one our numbers grew with agents D Titanium, V, Totty, Dub Foundation, Pat all joining us in the clearing.

Alas being a top secret camp for top secret agents we can't go into too much over what happened. However suffice it to say that the weekend consisted of various tests of both mental and physical strength. We hiked, we jumped bikes, we explored the forest and our minds. We met the natives, lived off the land, we fought, there were tears, sunburn, dirt, sweat and bruises.

Thankfully we only had to call the paramedics once, and once again no one actually died.

Hijacker training camp is open to all Space Hijacker agents.
until next year...