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Long ago, back before it's bid for global domination, Starbucks was run by a bunch of hippies, they still had a mermaid logo, but this one had nipples and a belly button. Eventually in it's evolution to the corporate monster that it is now, The Starbucks board decided to chop off the mermaid's nipples so as not to offend the American Bible Belt, and ensure their bid for monotonous blanket coverage of the planet was unchallenged.

Going, Going, Gone, How the Mermaid lost her nipples and then her belly button as they turned her from hippy chic to corporate conformity.


However due to a cunning night time raid by a couple of mermaid fans in Whitechapel, East London, the mermaid has been restored to her enchanting best.
With a glint in her eye, the Whitechapel Starbucks Mermaid has finally got her nipples back, and with a burlesque twist!
If you get along quick you will be able to see her with her emerald nipple tassles glinting in the sunshine and enticing thirsty people to their ruin on the rocks of starbucks.


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