Coming Soon - New Luxury Flats Development

East London is under attack!

Every week a new set of hoardings go up on our streets advertising the gentrification and 'regeneration' of the area. Buildings mysteriously burn down, just before planning permission applications for more luxury flats appear nailed to the charred remains. Out with the old and in with the new, everything that wasn't bombed by Hitler or demolished by Thatcher is now under threat. The historic faded glamour of East London is being drowned under a sea of identi-kit soulless developments. Up and coming, designer lifestyle, loft appartments with names like 'Tequila Wharf' or 'Zenith E14'.

However it seems the Guerilla Building Company have also moved to East London.

Coming soon, New Childrens Playground, skatepark, swimming pool, community centre and affordable housing.  Not more overpriced poncy flats, honest!
Armed with their trusty 18v drills and a nifty bit of painting the guerilla builders decided to indulge in a bit of anarchtecture.

Sporting the latest invisibility jackets the builders strolled up to the hoarding and simply screwed up the new, informative sign. The plan had been to attach the sign by the main road, however this spot was chosen instead as people walk past and have time to read it. It is just opposite another recent development, and the builders thought it would be a good bit of reading material for the residents. Infact during the installation, some of the residents pulled up to park and read the sign, just as our intrepid builders thought they had been busted, the residents started laughing and left them to it.

Here is the new sign, still in pride of place the next morning, matching in perfectly with the existing hoarding we have our fingers crossed that it will stay there for a while.

If anyone asks, this man did it!

Photo's by Secret Agent Ladybird

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