Here we come to the place where dastardly companies and cheating scum are given their just desserts. The Not Cricket Award is given to the person or persons who we feel are quite simply bad eggs, rotten sports or if you'll pardon my french Bloody Swines.

Shabbily dressed and as thick as two short planks our latest NOT CRICKET award for disservices to mankind could only really go to one fellow. Trying his hardest to ruin our planet in every way that he can, from slashing environmental laws through to starting wars and riding roughshod above international law, this redneck bandit has shone out as a beacon of stupidity.

His father before him helped to disrupt world peace setting up a world timebomb, by bankrolling international terrorist groups, kicking out governments and installing dictators and causing hardships for nation upon nation. Now in part two, our winner has tried to distance himself from his familys dark secrets and repaint the timebomb that has gone off as an attack on the very values of his murky nation.We are not so easily deceived, junior is out to get all he can, to hell with world stability, to hell with the environment, to hell with international law!

He runs the worlds largest rogue state, causing death, misery and destruction whereever they lay their overfed fingers. His government construct and stockpile more weapons of mass destruction than any other nation, they agressively stamp down on the third world and they are conducting a bigger propaganda war than all of the sides put together in WWII. Yet this fellow seems to think he is on some sort of crusade to save the world (or at least the overpaid, morally vacant and egotistical cowboys who bankroll him). Where he has developed this curious sense of self belief, The Devil only knows.

Yes it is our proud honor to award the Not Cricket award to that most abominable of international criminals:


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