Hello and welcome to Not Cricket.
A site dedicated to a more bespoke and gentlemanly type of protest.

You see, we are fed up being tarnished with the image of those scruffy kids you always see at protests, sure their morals are spot on, but the cut of there cloth, well frankly it just isn't up to scratch, what.

In an age where Global Capitalism is trying its darndest to destroy the whole chuffing world, we decided it was time for some honest fellows to stand up and bally well have our say. Those darn multinational corporations and the so called organisations that control them just aren't playing by the rules any more! Gone it seems is the time when a business chap was an honest sport and decent type. So we are here to stand up for the lost art of gentlemanly conduct. Those blooming corporations and so on, are just plain wrong, it's just not cricket!

This website can be considered a manual to young fellows looking to look and feel a tad more gentlemanly when they are bringing the capitalist beast to its knees.

NOT CRICKET as the observant of you will have noticed stands for :




Standing out from the crouds of scruffy teenagers, smelly crusties and aged hippies, the gents who make up not cricket are proud to be the best dressed protestors on the block. This is not an exclusive club, we welcome anyone with a stiff upper lip, common decency and a fine tailored suit.

We welcome submissions of writing, humour, revolutionary ideas and tailoring tips. please email us at:
[email protected]

Oh and by the way what do you think of our pinstripe background?