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Home Sweet Starbucks

Starbucks, that nice place to have a coffee, with its arty, eco friendly, homely appeal.
It makes you feel all special, like your some kind of flaneur,
a real person of the new millenium, stopping your busy lifestyle to break for coffee.
Starbucks is your thing, you feel like a Sartre or some other french intellectual.

You my friend are a Mug.

Home Sweet Global Monopoly

Starbucks make us feel ill. With their carfully chosen subtle (but not too bland) colour scheme.
They try to suggest some kind of ethnic liberal charm.
Even the background music has been Starbucked, watered down instrumental versions of Hendrix for example, after all we wouldn't want to offend.
The quirky living room sofa's and tables which are not so quirky when you realise they are identical to the other thousand of stores.
And those thousands of stores, like a plague infesting our highstreets, a McDonalds for the new media generation. virtually every street corner will soon contain that incipid nippleless mermaid.

Their attempts at portraying a modern arty cafe culture, with left leanings are just a caked on makeup, for the neo liberal global capitalist thug that they are. Destroying land with their farming methods and lives with their wages to farmers and workers alike. Most of all we dislike their vermin like spread, subsidising new stores in order to out price and close down local rivals, before turning entire towns and cities that horrid green. Blanding out any local culture or diversity and helping every high street look the same worldwide.

This website is dedicated to projects that you can do to battle the beast that is Starbucks.
It contains ideas and schemes that anyone can do. Most of all we want people who have other ideas to email them to us so that others can join in your fun.
Click on the options below and have some fun.



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