Starbucks Safari Hunting

Kind of like big game hunting, but you don't use guns or kill anything, and the prey doesn't move around very much. Oh, and you do it in the city not in the jungle.

First Download and reproduce our snazzy leaflet (green paper makes it look more official):
View here:

NOTICE: Since this project was thought up Starbucks have bowed to public pressure and changed their policies, they do now stock SOME Official Fair Trade coffee. This is only TWO AND A HALF YEARS after it was made available in the US, the reason we were given for this delay was that there were problems with shipping it from the US. They did not however have any problems shipping tonnes of unfair trade coffee from the remotest parts of the world.

However lets not be angry at the multinational hoodlums, this shows that they do have to bow to public pressure, perhaps we can make them change the rest of the way they do business and the rest of their coffee to Fair Trade.

Dear Coffee Drinker

Then assemble a darstadly crew fit for a safari hunt.

Gather together your supplies and mode of transport, skateboards, bicycles, rollerskates (not inlines as nobody likes them), etc.

Now its Huntin' time

Cruise around the Town or City of your choice, constantly on the look out for one of those green mermaids.

Once one of your crew spots one, everyone stop! you don't want to arouse suspicion and stir the beasts.

Carefully pull out your 12 bore (a leaflet) and calmly wander up to the Lair.

Find a suitable coffee guzzlin beast sitting looking out of a window and slap up that leaflet right between their eyes. They may look shocked, but don't worry the leaflet calms them and also explains why they prime target for a spot of huntin.

Get another of your posse to photograph the attack for prosperity.

Ride on and hunt out another piece o' prey, before the whole pack come after you (Management etc)

Email your hunt photo's to us and we'll put you up in our gallery:

view the hunt gallery