letters to our website

Occasionally we get a ranting letter from a Starbucks lover, and have to explain what we are up to and why this site exists. Here we give them a chance to give their point of view and you can see our response:

Mick a Starbucks Employee

"...are you against capitalism? Unless you don't ever use any microsoft product, any well known store, even buying Coke, Budweiser or anything else for that matter, i don't see how you can justify the childish activities you are creating around starbucks alone."

Qwerty (Researching into Starbucks)

"Are you nuts? Starbucks is not trying to take over the world, they are just like any other business trying to do well."

"Starbucks also supports farming communities all over the world, places that would probaly grow drugs if they didn't grow coffee."

"Anyway, I've said enough. Its just that stupid people like you don't have a clue and have way too much free time."

Qwerty Reply

"I'm not sure what you mean by fair trade coffee. Perhaps you could elaborate on the subject."

"You're right, Starbucks is different than many other coffee places. People like Starbucks for its uniqueness otherwise Starbucks would not be in business."

Dear Jealous Anti Capitalist Group

"You can rant and rave all you like about how Starbucks put smaller establishments out of business, but at the end of the day, no one on the high street can make coffee like they can. Their stores are inviting and unintimidating, and certainly attracts consumers to a town which may generate more revenue for other retailers ..."