Your sitting down in your local Starbucks, there is a strange atmosphere in the room. Your tense and paranoid, perhaps it's just the caffiene kicking in. The people who sit next to you keep moving away to other seats, so you sniff yourself to check you don't smell.
Suddenly a girl stands up at the far end of the cafe and screams at the top of her voice "HELP ME, I've been Starbucked!".
Everyone else in the store simultaneously sighs with depression. You begin to think your frappacino has been spiked. The next thing you know everyone in the store starts laughing, they all get up and leave the cafe at once.
You and the staff are the only ones left, and they look as stunned as you.

Welcome to Starbucks Musical Chairs.

A Great Game For All The Family


Have you ever been pissed off by the fact that our high streets are all turning into indentical pictures of the same few multinational companies, claiming that they are some kind of liberal eco-friendly ethical warriors, but you have a sneaking suspicion that infact they are all a bunch of international shysters. Your local stores all close and are replaced by multinationals trying to sell you the same mundane and bland lifestyle as everyone else around the world.


Starbucks Musical Chairs is a game that can be played in any Starbucks store without the employee's or management ever becoming aware! The Rules are simple and Starbucks themselves provide almost everything you require to play, the rest is here on the site.

Starbucks Musical Chairs also provides a great way of filling up their stores without them making a penny (Or cent, for our american cousins).